School Safe Halloween Options

School Safe Halloween Options

October is quickly coming around the bend and pretty soon your kids will be pestering you with all their ideas for a new Halloween costume. These aren’t just for trick-or-treating however. Many schools and social functions host costume events and competitions for kids this time of year.

There are many different kinds of costume available on the market right now. These include your monster movie classics such as Frankenstien’s Monster, Count Dracula, and the Werewolf as well as a host of popular characters from modern television, movies, games, and even comic books. However some of these costumes, especially if they are from the second category, are not necessarily age appropriate or school safe.


Try to be conscious and stay involved. If you’re child is showing interest in a particular costume then be sure to do look at it yourself. That way you can be sure if it is appropriate or not. If it is not then try to look around for alternatives. This can involve picking a character with a similar look or someone who is from the same show.

Obviously you don’t want to take full control of the situation. This might seem to the child like you are bullying them, the tyrannical parent swooping in to take away their fun. To prevent a snit from ruining what is supposed to be an enjoyable holiday adventure try to explain the situation. Making your child feel involved in the decision making process will help them get excited and mitigate any sense of lost agency.


Encourage your son or daughter to create a list of potential costume ideas to choose from. This gives you options if their preferred costume is unavailable, too expensive, or inappropriate. Once again this encourages choice and decision making so that it doesn’t feel like Mom or Dad is telling them what to wear this Halloween.


Alternatively you can try crafting your own costume. Some skill with sewing and needlework will help but they are not necessarily required. If you know the kind of costume your child wants you can go bargain hunting for individual pieces. It is a bit more time consuming but if you do it right it can actually save you money in the long run.
The idea here is that if you research the character or design your child is interested in then you can assemble a similar costume from various different pieces. For example, what is Count Dracula except a fanged man in a dress shirt and a cape? If you are uncomfortable with the design of a particular costume this gives you the ability to compromise with your child and create something that is similar but more school and family appropriate.

Once again you’re more likely to get your child on board if you engage them in the project. Take them shopping with you or let them create some of the elements themselves. If they become engaged creatively they may decide to develop their own costume entirely. This will be less likely to feel disappointed by any inaccuracies if they are wearing the product of their own imagination.


If you don’t have the time to dig around or are looking for ideas then here are some of the most popular character costumes on the market today. If your child has already shown an interest in a costume you find unsuitable for whatever reason then consider having them take a look at one of these. They may find something that changes their mind.


This game is popular with kids of all ages and is typically a very practical, age appropriate design. If you are unfamiliar with the series Pok√©mon trainers are simply young kids who capture monsters. The great thing about these costumes is that they consist of a number of simple clothing items. A baseball cap, backpack, and fingerless gloves are about all you need as accessories. Other than that you just need some Pokeballs (red and white painted balls of any size will do) and you’re kid is good to go. If you’re child collects any of the series toys or stuffed animals these can be incorporated into the costume as an added bonus.


Star Wars has been a pop culture staple for decades now and the new movies are sure to have captured the imaginations of many kids. There are many varieties of Star Wars costumes available. However, one great thing about Star Wars is that the heroes costumes are actually very simplistic. When you think about it all you need for a Han Solo costume is a white shirt, a vest, and a toy ray gun.

Besides his signature lightsaber Luke Sky Walker wears only a baggy white robe or a black turtleneck. The new characters are similar with Finn wearing a red striped brown leather jacket and Rey an assortment of gray and white wrappings. With a little work and some manipulations such costumes can be assembled from household materials though you may have to purchase a few lightsabers, battlestaves, and blaster rifles to really make them pop.

Some of the other designs are a bit harder. If your child is set on being a wookie, droid, or stormtrooper then you may have to purchase such a costume from the local store. Fortunately many people only use their costumes once a year. You should be able to get ahold of one second hand without too much difficulty. This can save you a fair bit of coin.

Halloween can be a stressful and even expensive holiday however it is meant to be fun as well. If you can spare the time then get involved in your child’s costume choices. This way you can work with them to select something that is both entertaining and school appropriate. Then you can be sure that they enjoy the holiday without any awkward incidents cropping up at school or among family. You might even have some fun yourself.

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